Top 5 Antivirus Software Comparison

The included Windows firewall or Defender is not enough to secure your computer and data. Most Windows users will choose a thrid-party antivirus software to protect their computer from the latest viruses and keep their computer updated. Among so many antivirus applications, which one is the best to suite your needs? We're here to help you make your choice. Just pick one from the best 5 antivirus software applications on the market.
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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
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EaseUS Data Recovery
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Data Rescue for PC
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Recover My Files
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Your Computer Deserves The Best Antivirus Software

You must also install antivirus software if you are using a Windows operating system in your PC. Microsoft provides software updates regularly and security is included in the updates. Since some users do not install third-party antivirus software, Microsoft added antivirus features in Windows operating system.

However, Microsoft does not recommend Windows Defender as the only security and firewall in your computer. An independent software tester known as AV-Test reports the capability of Windows Defender and they have proven that it cannot be considered as one of the best antivirus products. Among the best antivirus software are: Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender, Norton Antivirus and Kaspersky Anti-Virus. If you want to know more about antivirus software, check out our articles about the best antivirus software for PC.

Things to Look For in Antivirus Software

You can never find antivirus software that can eliminate all types of viruses in the electronic world. New malwares keep on coming every day. An antivirus keep a dictionary of known threats and it is possible that new malwares cannot be detected. The best antivirus software has the ability to compare the captured threat from its list and has the artificial intelligence to decide whether a threat can be associated to others.

Several factors can be considered in choosing the antivirus software for your computer such as feature, performance, help and support. Potential users must be able to determine if a product can detect a virus well. The software must also be intelligent enough to stand guard on your PC so that incoming viruses cannot penetrate. Support must also be available anytime for inquiries and further assistance.


Antivirus installation packages are designed to be user-friendly, but not all can block phishing attempts. Normally, you will need to be connected to the internet to make an antivirus software update and that is the only time when the anti-phishing feature is downloaded and installed. Other sources of viruses can be from email, instant messages, file attachments and social networks. Make sure that you choose the antivirus product that can also capture other source of threats.


AV-Test is an application which can determine the performance and effectiveness of antivirus software by examining the products test results. This software checks the following performance criteria: usability, protection and repair. AV-Test is equipped with many servers that are connected to many workstations. The workstation has millions of threats and the antivirus software being tested is exposed to these threats to determine its capabilities.

Help and Support

The best antivirus software can be reached via telephone, email and live chat anytime. However, most vendors may charge you for the services that they have rendered. That is why it is recommended to list down all your questions and check the documentations first prior to contacting a support representative.


Some of the computer wizards are not in the corporate world. Instead, they have joined the hackers’ society. Hackers are like thieves who can steal your identity. Without antivirus software installed in your computer, your data can easily be infected by viruses. Your personal files may also be a target for hacking. So get protected and install antivirus software in your PC now!