Norton Anti-Virus Review

Norton Anti-Virus 2014 - Virus Removal and Virus Protection

Norton Antivirus from Symantec is an effective antivirus software application. It keeps your system protected from worms, spyware, bots, and viruses. This antivirus software is easy to install and use. It scans your drives fast. It also provides you a free customer support every day.

Testing by AV-Test labs in Germany shows that Norton Antivirus is very competitive when it comes to ease of use, ability to disinfect machines that are infected already and ability to protect against malware. A Bronze award was given to Norton.

Norton Antivirus for Windows   Norton Antivirus Review

Norton Antivirus Windows Review

Norton is AV-Test Certified. The AV-Test is a respected laboratory in Germany that tests all the antivirus software and researches the best software and procedure in detecting malware. Its testing network is quite extensive with several servers and around 300 workstations. The lab has collected around 50 million pieces of malicious test data and over 100 million pieces of clean test data in the past 15 years. AV-Test adds around 50,000 new pieces of malware every day to its collection of malicious test data.

Aside from protecting your PC against viruses and spyware, this antivirus software also scans email and instant messages to check for any infected attachments, viruses and suspicious links. It likewise scans your Facebook newsfeed to find links dangerous downloads and unsafe sites. Norton will warn once the software detected that you are about to download a dangerous application. Aside from checking your files against a database with threats, this software applies behavioral analysis to expose any suspicious file behavior that might reveal malware which is not yet included in the database of known threats.

If you have some questions or require further help you can contact their customer support online or through live chat, email and telephone. The company also hosts a user forum for the Norton community. It also provides informative articles regarding security. Norton is cloud based, so you can transfer, update, install or renew Norton subscription anytime on the internet.

This antivirus software detects malware according to the behavior of the suspected files and likewise makes use of the traditional way of detecting viruses the signatures. It keeps Internet Explorer and Firefox protected against malware that is trying to exploit browser weaknesses. Third-party authorization from objective test labs agrees that Norton beat others in preventing malware attacks and getting rid of threats from computers that is infected already.