EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Data Recovery Wizard - Best Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Lost Data Safely

Data Recovery Wizard is the new data recovery software. Losing your files due to hard drive failure is a very stressful situation and you definitely wouldn't want to stress to yourself even further by trying to recover your files using software that is difficult to use. For those who are not yet familiar with Data Recovery Wizard, it is an easy to use system that can work even with a locked-down PC that will not boot Windows. The Data Recovery Wizard has given a Bronze Award because it can handle complex tasks without making the tasks complicated.

This data recovery software can actually recover data from different types of devices. It can restore files from altered partitions, camera cards, RAID arrays, formatted drives, USB and Firewire-connected devices, and even the floppy diskettes. It performs well with hard disks connected to different interfaces like SCSI, EIDE, ATA, IDE and SATA.

Data Recovery Wizard for Windows   Data Recovery Wizard Review

Data Recovery Wizard Review

Lost files which have not yet overwritten and are not stored on a physically broken disk, Data Recovery Wizard recovery software can recover your files easily. This software has been tested on a PC with Windows 7 and it was able to recover all the removed test files. With the use of the preview option, the software was able to show the files instantly. It can recover all sorts of files like images, audio, video, documents and financial documents like files saved in QuickBooks. This tool can create an image of the affected disk to get files from, which is much safer than getting the files from unstable or damaged disk directly.

With the use of Data Recovery Wizard, you will be able to search by file types, by date and by file types with wildcards. Most of the time the original file name of the lost files are not retained, so search tools can greatly help your efforts in recovering lost files. Also, this software rates the status of files according to the possibility it can be restored, from poor to excellent. So, it is best to focus only on files that have a better chance of being restored.

Data Recovery Wizard includes volumes of easy to understand and helpful information presented in a comprehensive user guide. This guide is known to be very helpful particularly during the testing process. If you need to get in touch with EaseUS Engineering with a customer-support or technical question, you can contact them through telephone or by sending them an email. For cases like severe disk issue, the company also offers professional data recovery services.

Data Recovery Wizard can save your data from total lost. This data recovery software can immensely reduce the stress involved in recovering vital lost files. The boot disk is very useful if you need to restore files from a PC which unable to boot Windows. It is best that you try this software first in recovering your files before hiring an expensive professional data recovery service. By doing this you will be able to save a lot.

Data Recovery Wizard for Windows   Data Recovery Wizard Review