R-Tools Data Recovery Review

R-Tools Data Recovery Software - R-Studio

R-Tools developed effective recovery software. R - Studio for windows can help you avoid disk disasters such as reformatted partitions, hard disk with bad sectors and damaged disks. It features a RAID reconstruction tool and is known as a powerful text/hex editor. This file recovery tool is almost as effective and as complex as the professional data recovery software and earns a Silver Award.

R-tools recovery software can restore lost files from any type of memory device like externally connected disks, CDs and DVDs, hard disks, USB connected drives, floppy disks, memory cards and others. If you set the parameters for the software in order to find them, it will have the capability to recover unknown file types.

R-Studio Data Recovery for Windows   R-Studio Data Recovery Review

R-Studio Data Recovery Review

This recovery software has all the recovery tools that most people are searching for, from different scan options to disk imaging features. It is a little bit complicated as compared to other consumer-grade recovery software. However, there is actually an easy to use tool for retrieving your lost files if that is what you only need. Some of the latest tools have the capability to create a virtual RAID, unique file types and religious types, and the knowledge in configuring scan options.

The R-Studio can help you recover your lost files easily because it includes the advanced and basic search tools. The basic tools will filter files according to the size, date and type. The filter tools and the advanced search are very broad. For instance, you can see file descriptions in detailed and you can also view drive scan maps. You can look for exactly what you are searching for on the string options and particular area. There are lots of people who will never use the advanced tools, however if you need them, the software includes them.

The recovery software is quite complicated. Since recovering lost files is a difficult and stressful task, it is important that you have access to good technical support. This recovery software includes an extensive user manual to help you out. You can also contact the company through telephone during office hours or via email. You can also visit the forum that the company is hosting, which discusses hundreds of topics. In order to accommodate their increasing number of clients, they offer customer support in French and English.

R- Studio for Windows is one of the data recovery services that offer a professional do-it-yourself software solution. It has the capability to recover lost data caused by various types of issues, from unintentional file deletions to total system crashes and reformatted drives. Recovering a huge amount of data is very complex, but this software is very versatile that it can handle complex cases. In case you have a severely damaged disk, have partition issues or Windows won't start, R-Studio is the perfect solution that can help you in restoring your files as well as your peace of mind.