RecoveryMyFiles Data Recovery Review

Recover My Files by GetData - Advanced Data Recovery Software

Lost or deleted files are not actually gone forever. If in case you have deleted some files unintentionally or cannot open some files due to hard drive problem, Recover My Files by GetData can help you on this. This data recovery software can recover lost files easily especially if the files are not yet overwritten. Majority of the files believed to be lost still exist. What is lost is their pathway to their locations on the hard drive.

Recover My Files can help you in restoring your files after a partition change, even after a Windows reinstallation and a hard disk reformatting or crash. It also has the capability to restore data from an external drive, USB connected drive or camera card. But, it does not have a scanning tool for PC that will not boot. If in case you cannot boot your PC, you need to choose other data recovery software.

RecoveryMyFiles Data Recovery for Windows   RecoveryMyFiles Data Recovery Review

RecoveryMyFiles Data Recovery Review

Recover My Files are updated regularly by GetData Software Development Company. According to the company's representative, they update the software every two weeks to make sure that all new file types are supported and also to ensure that the software improves continuously. The latest version supports RW2 file types and its gallery view was improved.

This data recovery software has the ability to sort scan results according to keyword, date and file type. One important feature of this software is the list of file types accompanied by icons which shows the type of file based on its extension. The list will inform you that a movie has an .avi file extension and an excel spreadsheet has an .xlsx file extension so there is no need for you to search on every file extension to determine what type of files you need to restore. GetData has improved their gallery view making it easy for you to find lost images.

If you need assistance in using Recovery My Files, it has embedded help files that cover all areas in using the data recovery software. The company also posted some articles and instructional videos online aside from the quick start guide, forum and screenshots. You can also reach them thru phone, chat and email for questions and inquiries. You can contact support from 4 pm to midnight PT.

If you have encountered accidental deletion of files or lost files concern, Recover My Files can provide help in restoring as many files as possible. This software can work well even if you are using an older operating system or from old memory devices such as floppy disks. The continuous updating of GetData is very impressive. If you need to restore important files, particularly images, Recover My Files is the best option.