Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery - Recover Lost Files in a Flash

Performing data recovery searches is a tiring, stressful and frustrating task. But, Stellar Phoenix can make things easier for you and provides search result in a regular Windows layout. This software can help you find your lost files. It provides file details and offers a unique file preview feature.

Stellar Phoenix can recover data from storage devices such as internal and external disks, CDs and DVDs, memory cards and USB attached drives. Files which have not been overwritten can be restored easily. This data recovery software can carry out complex tasks like recovering data from altered and reformatted partitions.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Windows   Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix has the ability to recover around 200 files including image, database, backup, audio, documents, and archive. This data recovery software supports all types of audio files like mp3, avi, and wav. It also supports common image files like png, gif and jpg. It has the ability to recover all types of office documents like ppt, xlsx and docx. This software can likewise restore other files like text, xhtml, csv and pdf. Tests were conducted on this software using 3 PCs to determine its capability in restoring different types of files. It was able to restore all the test files uncorrupted.

Stellar Phoenix has a unique preview tool and supports various search options to help you find and sort the files that you need to recover. Even if this software displays restorable files in a Windows-type layout, the files is not easily recovered, thus search, sort and filter tools are vital. The original filenames of the lost files are not retained. This makes searching files a tiring and difficult task. Filter tools can help you in your search by organizing files according to date, file extension, file type, file size and others. Stellar Phoenix provides assistance in narrowing down our search results and keeps your restoration project organized.

The company providing this data recovery software has 24 hour support from Monday to Friday. You can reach them easily through phone if you are in the US, Australia, Netherlands, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company also has an international telephone number, call support via Skype and chat for their clients outside the areas mentioned. You can email them if you have any technical or customer support concern or you can search their knowledge base for help. It has an excellent response time according to some users who have submitted inquiries online and received a reply on the same day.

There is no need for you to spend a lot in recovering your hard drive files. Stellar Phoenix can help you in recovering your lost files for less and with less stress possible. In case you have deleted vital files on a memory card or hard disk, or lost files due to partition problem, Stellar Phoenix data recovery software can help you restore your data within the short period of time.