Wondershare Data Recovery Review

The Best Way of Recovering your Lost Files - Wondershare Data Recovery

If you need to recover your files, there is no need for you to find an IT expert or an experienced recovery specialist to do it. You can use data recovery software known as Wondershare to help you in recovering your lost files without any difficulties. This software was awarded a Gold Award because of its effectiveness in recovering files.

Wondershare Data Recovery is safe to use and is very effective in recovering Windows data. This software can retrieve lost videos, emails, documents, music, photos and others from your computer's hard drive. It can also recover lost data from your USB drives, digital cameras, external hard drives, iPods, MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones and other storage devices.

Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows   Wondershare Data Recovery Review

Wondershare Data Recovery Review

You can choose from the four options that this data recovery software offers - Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Resume Recovery and Raw File Recovery. The capability of the software to recover various types of files like Word docs, images, full music album, a PowerPoint presentation and wav files has already been tested several times. The result was positive. The Wondershare Data Recovery software was able to restore the files successfully. As long as the lost data have not written over, you can recover them. The software has a preview feature which helps you to check whether the files to be recovered are what you really need or not.

To make it easier for you to choose which restores options to apply, you can sort your searches based on file size, type and date range. The search tool is very helpful. The Lost File Recovery can recover files with their original names, while in Raw File Recovery the files recovered have odd file names. There will be some changes in the original file names. This makes the recovery of lost data a tiring and demanding task. Expert suggests that it is best to try first the Lost File Recovery mode. Preview feature is very vital in such cases.

In case you are having difficulties in using the software, you can ask help by contacting Wondershare via live chat or email. You can get the assistance that you need through their chat support since it is provided 24 hours a day. You can also message them using their Facebook page and get a response instantly. It's a good thing that they offer direct support since the online documentation is restricted.

In a regular condition, the Wondershare Data Recovery is considered as the best data recovery software. It features a Wizard mode to recover the deleted files without knowing it. If you are a techy individual, you might for other options online to help you out in recovering your files fast. This software is easy to use and has extensive support for storage media that makes it outshine its competitors.