1Click DVD Copy Review

1Click DVD Copy from LGsoftware Innovations

If you are looking for the best DVD-copying software that produces the quality of video that you want, then 1Click DVD Copy created by LG software innovations is what you need. With just 1 click you will be able to copy the DVD. This specific DVD copy software is simple, with user-friendly interface that copies DVD fast and have the best quality video. This software receives a Bronze Award. The software's overall simplicity makes it ideal for everyone. It does not matter if you don't have any technical skill.

This software boasts a complete feature set. With this software copying of the 90 minute movie only takes 20 minutes. This is considered as one of the quickest application at present. Its ability in retaining the bonus material is one of the best features of this software. Another amazing feature of this software is that it automatically tries to restore scratched or damaged DVDs. You can add subtitles or choose or omit movie menus.

1Click DVD Copy for Windows   1Click DVD Copy Review

1Click DVD Copy Review

The ability of the software to copy sporadic DVD movies is very impressive. If you are comfortable in burning a disc, you can create a backup on your hard drive. This is perfect for laptop owners since playing a movie from the hard drive uses less battery power as compared to using a DVD.

Keep in mind that this DVD copy software application is only best as its compression engine, and 1Click DVD Copy has the best in the industry. It only implies that you can compress and copy a professional Hollywood movie recorded using a dual-layer DVD-9 to an easy-to-find, cheaper DVD-5, a standard. It will save you space but still retain its high-quality copy of both the video and audio. If you don't want to do the compressing, this software can copy and burn a dual-layer DVD-9, producing a clone of the original disc.

If you copy a DVD using 1Click DVD Copy it will be hard to distinguish which is the original and which is not. It still provides the same quality as compared to the original. No quality degradation seen, even if the files were compressed.

While using this software you will not encounter any problem with stability. There is some software that stops responding and freeze if you insert an encrypted DVD in the drive. This software stated that the application will not be able to copy the disc while the encryption is active. All DVDs are encrypted as a requirement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Once the software loaded the decryption add-on this was no longer a problem.

The interface of this software uses common Windows functions like an option button to configure it even further and uses the right-click function for better options.

As a whole, 1Click DVD Copy is the best option for DVD copy software. The list of features is lengthy, and the probable upgrade to transform movies to play on your iPod, iPad and iPhone are also impressive. If you can focus on all of these options and ignore the extra step of downloading the CSS decryptor then this is the best product for you.