DVD Cloner Review

DVD Cloner

A Gold Award was given to DVD Cloner because of its great performance as DVD copy software. The software's improving and reproducing features has made all the past incarnations of Cloner great applications. It is also best in creating a perfect 1:1 copy of the discs in your DVD library. Some of its features are commercial DVD to DVD 5 compressions, breeze-easy interface and the option to choose exactly what features of a commercial disc you choose to clone.

This software offers helpful features such as the speed, the compression and the codecs available. Having all these options it is very easy to produce backup copies of your favorite movies in case the original disc gets damaged.

DVD Cloner for Windows   DVD Cloner Review

DVD Cloner Review

You will be able to produce a DVD clone with perfect quality 1:1. If you need to fit two movies in one disc, or need to compress DVD- 9 to a DVD - 5, you can do so with DVD Cloner. You can also rip the movie and save it on your hard drive. This DVD copy application works not only with DVD, but it will also work with HD DVDs and Blu-rays.

DVD Cloner includes an upgraded HST technology. The DVD protection is decrypted so that you can create a backup copy. If you have an updated HST it only means that even the latest movies that come out will be added in the decoders. It can likewise burn several copies of the disc in a group, without doing the setup several times.

You don't have to copy the movie if in case the quality is not going to be as the best it can be. With DVD Cloner, you can select exactly what you need. It functions perfectly as compared to other applications, but still it provides high quality copies.

You wouldn't want your application crash while copying a DVD. The DVD Cloner is created with stability in mind. The designers ensure you get optimized reading speeds and there is no need to deal with the software crashing or freezing up. During the testing, there is no problem encountered with this application while ripping or burning.

It is easy to copy your DVDs using DVD Cloner. There are several ways in using the application. Express mode is one application that uses the preprogrammed copy options. Next is the five-step process and it takes you through all of the choices so can produce the DVD that you want. Both methods are simple to use, it only depends on how much control you need.

There are lots of reasons why you have to choose DVD Cloner. The copy quality is excellent, but it only takes around half an hour to copy the entire movie. It will likewise produce flawless copies of scratched DVDs, so you will be able to create a new copy of your damaged movies. The DVD copy software does everything you need, and it does it better as compared to any other software that you will find. This is the reason why DVD Cloner is highly recommended and places it on top among others.