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DVD is a digital optical disc storage format. It offers high storage capacity, but could be damaged easily. To protect your invest, it's a good idea to copy DVD so your original copies won't be scratched, lost, or damaged. There are lots of great DVD copy software on the market. Some provides 1:1 quality copies, while some enables you to copy DVDs at ultra fast speed. Depending on your needs, you can choose your favorite one here from our top 5 selections after research and test.
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Why Should You Buy The Best DVD Copy Software?

Are you fond of collecting DVDs? Do you have a room full of DVDs and you call it your library of movies? Then your family and friends must have been amazed by the vast number of your collection. Some will surely borrow them. You may be lucky enough if your precious collection will be returned to you unscratched or undamaged. For some, it may never be returned at all. Indeed, your DVD collection can be considered as an investment and since there is no insurance policy that is catering such investment, you should look for a way on how to save it.

In a span of two to three years since DVDs became popular, virtual technology has also invaded the entertainment industry. DVD copies can now be virtualized to save your investment. DVD copy software application can save those piles of DVDs to your storage devices. On this website, you will find information about this product. Reviews and tips and tricks are available here to assist you in deciding which software is best for you. The top three in our recommendation list are: 123 Copy DVD Gold, 1Click DVD Copy and DVD Cloner.

There are many features that a DVD copy software application can offer. These include DVD imaging (also popularly known as duplicating, ripping or cloning), DVD burning and DVD converting. The best feature of DVD copy software has the capability of converting vast array of file sources. These include sources coming from portable devices such as PSPs, iPods and Zunes, and those that are downloaded from online sites for video sharing. For DVD burning software, it should be compatible with PAL and NTSC formats. It should be able to burn into different disc types. These include dual-layer and single-layer discs that can work on standard or PC DVD players.

Things to Look For in DVD Copy Software

These are the basic functionalities of DVD Copy software applications that you must consider when planning to make the right choice. You must also remember that Windows version is different from Mac PCs. For DVD copy software that is compatible with Mac operating system, check out our reviews of Mac DVD copy software.

Quality of Copy

Basically, DVD ripping software copies the files from your DVD, converts the format, and then stores them on your hard drive. After converting the format, the files will be available for viewing on your PC. You can also have the option to sort, convert and burn the file. The best DVD cloner has the capability of copying the files with a 1:1 ratio. This would simply mean that the copy will not lose its quality. Other advance features that DVD copy software offers include selective cloning, compressing and decrypting.

Ease of Use

It would definitely be useless to buy a DVD copy software product even it is packed with wonderful features if it is not user-friendly enough to be utilized. You can instantly identify if the software is easy to use when the interface presents itself very well. Aside from seeing all the functions on your screen, tooltips and help files are also essential. It should give you step by step procedures in copying the movie from the DVD to its file destination.

Ease of Installation

In testing the DVD copy software, we would like to ensure that you will not find it difficult to install the package. We check on different ways to get the copy of the application. Typically, if the product is bought online, it will be delivered to you via downloading the software. How long does it take to download the software? Does it usually give you a corrupted copy after hours of downloading? On the other hand, if it is delivered to you via disc, does it reach you on time? Does the company provide you a good copy of the installer?

In terms of installing the DVD ripper, we should also check if the installation package will run smoothly until the program is up and running. We also identify how easy it is to install the application. Without the ease of installing the product, how can you make the application available for use?

Application Stability

Have you encountered any application in your PC which gives you a white screen and stops the process for a couple of minutes? The worst case would be experiencing a PC reboot because the software that is currently running experiences a malfunction that affects the whole system. This would surely give you lots of frustration. We will determine how the DVD copy software application responds to different errors that it may encounter. It should handle the exceptions very well by keeping log files and displaying error messages. Some products even provide a link to online help for technical troubleshooting.

Feature Set

In buying the best DVD imaging software application, you have to identify the time it takes to copy the file from the disc to your storage device. You should also check if a CSS decryptor is already part of the package. If not, then do they have an add-on copy that is readily available online? You also need to determine if it has the capability of compressing the file size when stored in your disc. DVD usually comes with menus and other bonus features. Try to determine if these functions are also included after ripping the DVD.

DVD cloning products should be able to work with a variety of media and file formats. This product includes burning tools that allow you to save the file into another DVD. A component of the DVD burner should be able to read different media like slide shows, video files, home movies and other entertainment media. After reading, the DVD burner should be able to save them to a DVD. The best DVD burning tool should be able to burn to a wide range of disc types such as CDs, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-R DL and DVD+/-RW.

Portable devices have become popular nowadays. These devices such as PSP, Zune and iPod require file format conversions. DVDs can be transformed into different file formats such as DVD to 3GP, DVD to PSP, DVD to AVI, DVD to WMV, DVD to MPEG and even DVD to DVD. In converting a file, many elements of the file are replaced to make them compatible with other devices. The best DVD converter should be able to perform conversion into many formats without major changes in its quality.


With so many available technologies to choose from, one can easily make memories. Recording a video of your family events such as wedding, birthday party, christening and graduation is very common. Now you will be able to provide copies and share these to everyone by using a DVD copy software application. Whether you are a professional videographer or not, you can now easily rip the DVD, convert the file to different formats, and then burn it into various disc types.