RegCure Pro Review

RegCure Pro - Fast Registry Cleaner and Antivirus Software

The RegCure Pro is a registry cleaner and repair software at its best. The company responsible for this application is ParetoLogic. The company is dedicated not just on providing software that will optimize and clean your registry, but also one that is simple to use. If in case your computer is performing slow or you want to improve its performance, RegCure Pro is what you need.

RegCure Pro for Windows   RegCure Pro Review

RegCure Pro Review

This application has all the basic and advanced features required to optimize the scanning and cleaning process. The RegCure Pro not just scans the typical registry locations, but it likewise scans and remove cookies, browser history and other unnecessary files. During the testing of this software, there are many issues that occur. Most of the objects it found were situated in the COM and ActiveX part of the registry.

This software has a long list of useful features. It has customizable settings. You can direct the software run on startup, repair automatically, schedule scans, close after repairs, check for updates, create backups automatically and a lot more. All of this will perform the maintenance smoothly. Simply inform RegCure Pro when to start scanning and it will carry out all the necessary work on its own. There is no need for you to close it since it will automatically close when completed. The automatic backup is very encouraging. If after using the software there seems to be something wrong, this application has get-out-of-jail-free card. It will provide fewer risks.

RegCure Pro is very easy to install and use. Just like the best registry cleaner software, it serves as an interpreter between the registry and the user, aside from carrying out its cleaning duties. Once scanning is completed, you can look at each issue individually and indicate which items you need to remove and keep.

RegCure help features include an easy to navigate help menu and FAQs. If you need online support, there is ParetoLogic email help that promises to respond within 8 hours.

This software is easy to use and makes the process of cleaning simple. Once you are done setting the application to check your system on a regular basis, you can ignore the registry significantly and let the software carry out its job. With the software's features it is possible to find the detailed information on the problem and offer the best possible solution. This software is effective in providing services to a wide audience. RegCure Pro will provide the help in order to help your PC breathe a new life.