AVS Video Editor Review

AVS Video Editor Software - Perfect for Home Video Editing

The AVS video editor offers video editors a great amount of effects and transitions. You will have access to over 70 special effects and 600 transitions. You can fix and adjust audio tracks and video steadiness for unsteady footage. This video editing software is not intended for professional filmmakers, but it makes editing easy. And you have the benefit of producing HD movies.

AVS Video Editor has 700 different transitions and effects built in. Applying any effect is easy, all you need to do is to drag one and put it in place. You can control the beginning and ending of each effect. You can modify the color, density of the snowflake, opacity and even the direction it is moving. To fix shaky footage you use the stabilization tool. This automatically removes some parts off the top and bottom of the film to produce a smooth image. The audio effects settings include tools to amplify, normalize, adjust pitch, remove noise, equalize and compress.

AVS Video Editor for Windows   AVS Video Editor Review

AVS Video Editor Review

AVS Video Editor also has 46 text options. A banner can be added across the screen, colorful text or bubbles. The text editor offers you additional tools to customize the appearance of the words that come across the screen, the text size and more.

The chroma-key effect enables you to edit out any color, such as green screen function, so you will be able to replace and edit backgrounds easily.

The AVS video editor software supports MPEG, WMV, Adobe Flash, RealNetworks, AVI, HD, mobile video and WebM files. You can work with video formats like MP3, WMV, MP4, AVCHD, MOV, FLV, M4V, SVCD, DVD and MPEG2.

You can import video and audio files from a camcorder or camera. The screen-capture feature can take still images and record video. You can control the file formatting as well as audio options for these recordings.

If you are ready to share your movie, you can save it as a file, share it online, put it on your Smartphone or other device and burn it to a disc and other device. A wizard will help you out with the process of producing these different output forms of the movie you produced. The movie editing software interface is well organized. The tools are marked clearly so you can find the ones you need easily, making editing of videos fast. The process is simple enough that you can start doing a simple project instantly.

This video editor includes a PDF user guide, email support on its website, tutorials and FAQs. It is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and Japanese language options for both its software interface and tech support.

By using AVS Video Editor, you can produce quality movies fast. It offers you with lines for your main video, text, voice-over, effects, text, video overlay and additional audio. Online Media Technologies support is vast and provides quite a bit of assistance for its video editing software.

AVS Video Editor for Windows   AVS Video Editor Review