Cyberlink PowerDirector Review

PowerDirector by Cyberlink - 5-times PC MAG Editors’ Choice Winner

A Gold Award was given to Cyberlink's video editing software - PowerDirectory by. If you are looking for video editing software that is easy-to-use, economical and powerful that provides results at professional-level, then PowerDirectory by Cyberlink is what you need. If you have used video editing software in the past, even on the simplest scale, this video editing software works with everything that you already know. However, if you haven't used this kind of tool in the past, then this application is a good place to start.

This tool provides standard tools like the ability to cut footage from the start and end of clips, and sections in the middle. You can likewise cut audio in the same way. The good thing is that you will be able to cut and adjust clips without thinking about losing your original content.

Cyberlink PowerDirector for Windows   Cyberlink PowerDirector Review

Cyberlink PowerDirector Review

You will have the capability of cropping, playing a selected clip in reverse, rotate a clip within the video, adjust the video speed and adjust the video speed. Adding images picture-in-picture is easy. The capability to upscale standard-definition video content to something higher such as HD quality is one of the best features of this software. You can likewise improve image details, automatically adjust chroma and luminance and naturalize colors. You can also get rid of annoying grain from film clips and keep the shaky images stabilize in real-time. This video editing software provides titles, effects and transitions which make your videos look even more professional and polished. You will be able to edit audio, playback speed, pitch and including the volume. Also, you will be able to separate the audio from the video for creative control and greater flexibility.

You will be able to import video in over 20 file types which includes AVCHD, MPG, MP4, WMV and MOV. PowerDirectory is compatible with Nikon DSLR and Canon video video files, and DSLR video clips in H.264 format with LPCM audio. You can likewise use Cyberlink PowerDirector to get full HD video directly using your HDV camcorder. This type of format does not need conversion before you will be able to start your edits.

When it comes to exporting, PowerDirector supports AVCHD for SD Card, WMV-HD, MPEG - 2, MPEG - 4, 3GPP2 for 3G mobile phones, AVCHD, QuickTime, WMV files, DV-AVI and RealMedia. This only implies that you can play the videos on PSP and PlayStation 3, Xbox and Zune, Smartphones to name a few.

Once you are done editing your movies, PowerDirector makes it easy uploading them on Facebook, YouTube and other famous video sharing sites. Transferring your finished movies to disc is also easy.

A drag-and-drop timeline is also provided by Cyberlink PowerDirector. This enables you to arrange clips and add effects as well as transitions to make them look their best. Just by a click of the mouse you will be able to trim footage, adjust the volume levels and others. The tools and menus are labeled properly and easy to learn.

This video editing software has an online community known as DirectorZone which offers over 200,000 effects, tutorials and templates. This enables users to upload their completed projects to the site in order for others to see how they made them. For questions and inquiries, CyberLink's website offer a searchable FAQs section, downloadable user manuals and tutorials. You will be able to reach them with the use of tech support through email if needed.

CyberLink's PowerDirector 12 is the best editing video. Although the software is not as popular as other brands, it contains all the important tools and features you require to edit, create and produce expert-looking video projects. You will have a great experience with CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Deluxe making your home videos into movies which your family and friends will love to watch.