Top 5 Video Editing Software Comparison

Nowadays, it has never been easier to create videos. You can just take out your iPhone or Android phone and start recording, anytime and anywhere you like. However, it's not an easy job to choose a video editing software application. Everyone has his own criteria. Some may need basic video editing features, while the other may need an all-in-one video editor to do all post-production editing. Anyway, simply pick one from the top 5 video editors with powerful features and ease of use.
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Movavi Video Editer
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Wondershare Video Editing
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Wondershare Video Editing
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Wondershare Video Editing
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Wondershare Video Editing
Price $99.99
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Why Should You Get The Best Video Editor?

One of the best innovations that mobile technology has contributed to smart phones is the option to take videos. Social networks and other video sharing sites make it even an enjoyable experience. Anyone can just point and shoot, and then upload it to the internet in a matter of seconds. Your family and friends will be able to see your captured moments in an instant. However, in some cases, some people would like to make their videos different and special. That is the time when they search for video editing software which they can use to make their videos more presentable.

Video editing software has the capability of organizing all your media files in one package. If you want to combine images, video and audio to make your personalized movie, a video editor can make it happen for you. Such software is very useful especially to amateur and professional videographers.

The best video editing software applications available in the market are Adobe Premier Elements, Cyberlink Power Director and Corel Video Studio Pro. Based on our analysis, these top of the line brands have an easy to use workflow and contain enough tools that you can utilize in making and sharing your masterpiece.

On this website, there are much information about video editing software that will assist you in understanding and utilizing the product.

What to Look For in Video Editing Software?

In reality, the craft of video editing is very detail-oriented and time consuming. Many video editing software have the power to minimize the tedious task by providing intuitive workflow that is fast-moving. The basic features that you must consider in choosing the right video editor are: ease of use, sharing options, editing tools and training and community.

Ease of Use

Downloading and installing the video editing software should not give you any frustration at all. The application should be able to import various types of media from different platforms such as smart phone, DSLR, camcorder and other medium. Importing the file successfully also means that the application can read and open the file formats.

Typically, a video editor spends much time in the editing workflow. This is where you merge all the files and arrange it to the sequence that you preferred. The best video editing software should be able to provide a user-friendly environment that even a newbie can easily comprehend on how to use it. Elements such as storyboards, preview windows, media bins and timelines should be in their proper places on your screen, allowing you more space to work with your video project.

Sharing Options

Video editing software should have this new feature, allowing you to share your masterpiece to the world. What is the point of those sleepless nights of editing a video if the final output will just be kept in your dungeon? Usually, uploading the video requires you to open an internet browser, log-in to the social sites and upload the file. The best video editing software should have a built-in one click option for you to upload your video project to Facebook, YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Aside from uploading the file to the internet, video editing software should be able to export the finished product to different file formats. It should have the capability of burning the file to discs that can be played in various platforms. The best video editing software can also transform the video outputs to formats that are viewable in smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Editing Tools

Just like a director, you have probably planned out your desired movie on a drawing board or at the back of your head. Collating all your files in one place seems to be an easy task. However, showing your creativity would require editing tools. At first, looking at and utilizing the desired tools would not be an easy task. It will surely take lots of practice before you will be able to familiarize yourself with these tools.

Video editing software should be equipped with numerous tools to assist you in achieving the desired look and feel for your video project. The best video editing software should be able to provide easy to use tools. It should make the functionality simple that even beginning users will not find a hard time understanding it.

Training and Community

Online support for video editing software would be a great help while you create your project. Widely used video editing software will usually have online communities where users meet. In these communities, anyone can post questions that can be viewed and answered by other users. It makes the video editing experience more fun as you collaborate with other people to share your thoughts and gain tip and tricks to make your video project more wonderful.


Indeed, creating a masterpiece is not an easy task. Compiling the raw files, editing and sharing the video can never be done overnight. Just think about Da Vinci or Michelangelo back in the days when there is limited technology. It will surely be very rewarding in the end.